About this website:
I have always loved Electronics, programming and DIY. I created this website to share my creations and to stimulate my creativity. Indeed, describing my passions and my projects pushes me to organize myself better. It helps me to study various subjects and improve my skills.
On this website you will find articles on technical topics related to electronics, programming and 3D printing.
By reading the articles you may find inspiration, interest or knowledge on several subjects related to electronics and programming.
I also hope to learn by sharing with other enthusiasts or specialists.

About me :
I started to be interested in electronics and programming from a young age.
Today, I have a great experience in hardware and software development. I am engineer for over 15 years and have worked on many field concerning product development. Indeed I work on documentation, specification, development, validation, certification and production. I worked for companies in several fields: Medical, security and industrial sensor.
In addition to my professional activities, I carry out personal projects including electronic, software and mechanical parts.
Over time I created a personal workshop with all the necessary equipment. (3D printer, laboratory devices, stock of components …) I spend time training myself in new techniques. I am constantly trying to improve myself.


– Development of digital and analog boards.
– PCB routing and prototype production.
– Programmable logic (VHDL).
– EMC certification and test.

– Microcontroller (PIC, ARM, ESP, STM8 …).
– Windows or MacOS software.
– Languages: C, C ++, C #, .NET, Python, Swift, PHP …
– Embedded: FreeRTOS
– Bus and Protocols: MIDI, DMX, IO-Link, CAN, RS485, I2C, OneWire, Ethernet …


Contact me to offer me a project or a development. I am open to collaboration proposals or requests for electronic and software development.
I can also send a CV on request.